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Services & Programs | Ngā Ratonga : Childbirth Preparation

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Nurture offers a range of Childbirth Preparation Classes and Courses. These can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your whanau.


One Day Antenatal Class

The One Day Class is usually held on a Saturday and is perfect for those wanted a condensed, but comprehensive Childbirth Education Session.

This class covers many topics including informed decision making, coping strategies, labour &  hormones, birth skills, strengthening your relationships, practical parenting, babywearing and breastfeeding. The session is run in an informative, supportive manner, and is an opportunity for you and your support crew to learn more about your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

The course is suitable for first time parents as well as those who have previously had children. Partners or support people are encouraged to attend along with the mum-to-be.

Classes run every second Saturday of the month, in Mangawhai. Please see calendar for dates: 

 I am happy to travel if there is a group of participants wanting a class in another location.

Sliding scale according to means $325-$565. 


"My partner and I took so much away from the one-day antenatal class/workshop we had with Josie, there was a lot of information but Josie delivered it in a way that was easy to digest, along with a lot of her own experiences and stories, practical activities and an open space for questions, discussion and deepening our understanding when we asked for it.

I love the way Josie teaches with a focus on physiological birth, and highlights what our body and our baby are made to do, on their own...I did a lot of my own reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos and online courses around birth and labour - and even then I found I took a lot away from our day with Josie."  

maternity shoot on the beach by family photographer Josie Gritten

Birth Mapping Session

An in-depth look at your birth plan and where your labour journey might lead you. What are your stress responses? What might you do if your birth takes a different path from the one you'd intended. What information will you need and how can you find it? What will your support strategies be?

Josie Gritten uses her wide ranging knowledge to support you in creating a bespoke birth map for your

pregnancy, labour & postnatal journey.

Sliding scale according to means $285-$385. 

"The birth of our son, was the most magnificent experience of my life, and Josie's support played a huge part in how it unfolded exactly how I envisioned, her support from all the sessions we had had with her leading up to our birth and during the 27 hours I was in labour. The best day of my life." 


Bespoke Private Sessions

Private Birth Education Classes cover a wide range of topics from pregnancy through to labour and early parenting. The sessions can also be tailored to suit the information/style that you are looking for. The class, or classes,  usually runs on a weekday for about 3-4 hours . 

Sliding scale according to means $365-$565. 

"Loved the one-to-one session...I like that it was only us. It was free and open and more relaxed than if others were present."

black & white image of baby sleeping by family photographer Josie Gritten

Shamanic Birthcraft - A Deeper Journey

If you are looking to delve deeper into the world of birth. If you are seeking a deeper, more connected, story around birth. If you are looking to learn more than just the physiology and logistics of labour. If you are seeking stronger connection with your partner & baby through visualization, shamanic drumming, fear release and partnership skills then this is the course for you.   

These run as 1:1 sessions  or as small, intimate groups and are privately funded.

Please contact me to learn more.

"Great information, Josie has a lovely energy. Awesome holistic view on different ways to birth."

woman on the sea shore with shamanic drum on her back by family photographer Josie Gritten

Birth Healing Services

Birth can be a challenging experience and the transition into your new reality afterwards can be even more challenging still!

Birth Trauma Healing

I walk alongside people on their journey through healing their Birth Trauma.  I do so with integrity, honour, compassion and grace. I hold an open heart, a listening ear and a strong, grounded sense of self.

I am not here with all the answers. I am not here to fix anything. But I am able to sit and listen. To hold space for the story to be shared. For grief to flow unhindered; for anger to be witnessed; for pain and confusion to be spoken and heard. I am here to nurture and to help the healing blossom and grow.

Processing your birth story is also an important step in moving towards a positive next birth.

This session is often held in conjunction with the Closing The Bones ritual.

Birth Trauma Healing - $225 (usually runs for 2-3 hours)

Planning a positive next birth . One session - $225, two sessions - $425

"Josie did a birth trauma healing session with me. Several weeks after the session, I still feel very differently about the little “niggly” bits that had been lingering around my birth experience. I feel much more whole about the entire thing. Josie held beautiful space - very supportive & non-judgmental. This work is very needed and I’m so pleased Josie is doing it"

kawakawa leaves in the bush by family photographer Josie Gritten

Support after Baby Loss

The emotion after baby loss is deep and raw. I am able to support you through this with keen understanding, an open heart and sensitive comfort.

I can also support you in creating ceremony and honouring around this journey.

This support can be offered in person or via Zoom

beautiful sun set through eucaluptus leaves by family photographer Josie Gritten
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Support for Termination of Pregnancy

Terminating a pregnancy is a difficult decision and can be a lonely path to walk. I am able to offer a listening ear, sensitive guidance and moral support along this journey.

Although this may not be the optimum time for you to become a parent, it may be that you still wish to name and honour your baby and I am able to support in creating an honouring ceremony should you wish.

This mahi is offered no matter how long ago your termination was and can be in-person or via Zoom.. 

"Josie accompanied me throughout my decision to terminate my pregnancy. This would have been my 3rd child in the space of 4 years and I was simply exhausted and couldn't do it, for myself or for my family. She was 100% supportive of my decision and did all that she could to assist me. She came with me to the hospital on the day, as my partner couldn't be with me. She was sensitive, but not sombre. We talked, we laughed, we cried. Having her there allowed all the range of emotions to flow freely. And most importantly, it released the deep shame I had felt about having an abortion, because she understood, and she did not judge. Thank you dear Josie for your soulful companionship, it meant so much to me."

welsh sunset behind a tree skeleten by family photographer Josie Gritten
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