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We are forever changed by the birth of our children. In creating ceremony around the arrival of our babies, we honour  and cherish the beautiful ripples that they create.

Mama Blessings

It is a beautiful thing to commemorate your transition into motherhood. Celebrating this with the people you love in a Mama Blessing is a wonderful and deep honouring that every mother-to-be deserves.

Please get in touch if you would like ideas on crafting this beautiful ceremony.

maternity beach shoot with pregnant mama on sand dunes by family photographer Josie Gritten

Welcome Baby

Choosing to honour the birth of your baby is a beautiful thing. Bringing together the people you love and creating ceremony to welcome your baby fulfils a deep-seated, ancient need for many people. I can  help facilitate  a Welcoming Ceremony that is unique to you and your whanau. 

black & white images of sleeping baby with fist on its cheek by family photographer Josie Gritten

Placenta/Whenua Honouring

Your whenua/placenta is a wonderful organ that has supported and nourished your baby for ten moons in mama's womb. I can help you in your choice to honour your baby's whenua by creating and facilitating a unique Whenua Honouring Ceremony that is perfectly suited to you and your whanau.

award winning image of red manuka tea tree blossom by family photographer Josie Gritten

Whitu Takai (Closing The Bones)

Closing The Bones is a postnatal healing ritual . It's a way of nurturing the body, quieting the mind and nourishing the soul.

When we are pregnant and are giving birth our bodies expand and grow, opening on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A Closing The Bones ritual helps bring mother back to her centre. It is an opportunity for mama to release emotion in a safe, nurtured space, often without the need for words.

This ritual is often carried out in conjunction with a Birth Trauma Healing session, but can be equally powerful on its own.

bright red aser leaves against a green background by family photographer Josie Gritten
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