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Creating a community around birth

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Nurture offers heartfelt guidance and support for families and is run by Childbirth Educator and award-winning photographer Josie Gritten. 

Through pregnancy, in labour, and beyond into parenting, Josie supports people with decision-making tools that help them make informed choices and experience positive birth outcomes.

Informed, empowered birth is the best preparation for positive parenting and Josie supports people on this journey with humour and sincerity.

No matter what your birth looks like; if YOU are the voice of your choice, then you have a far greater chance of walking away feeling positive and empowered.

"Josie has been so supportive. She empowered us to ask questions which meant I still felt in control despite the birth being different to how we'd hoped."  ~ Debbie

“I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration and so supportive…you were the first person to tell me that labour could be a positive thing. It was thanks to you that I started reading about positive ways to give birth...My labour was a wonderful and positive experience...Beau was born in a fantastic, relaxed and happy way. And that peace and contentment has stayed with him – he’s such a happy and chilled baby. I’m sure that’s in no small part thanks to your influence. Thank you!"  ~ Kate

Services & Programmes

Nurture offers a wide range of pregnancy, birth & parenting related services.  

Please get in touch if you would like more information.

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Childbirth Preparation

Education & support for your journey into parenthood

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Postnatal Support 

Support for your postnatal recovery; breastfeeding,  relationship support & baby group meet-ups.

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Birth Healing

Support & healing for birth trauma, baby loss  & termination

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See what workshops & classes Josie is offering

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"The labour and birth [of our second baby] couldn’t have gone any better...The session we had and the resources you put me in touch with really helped me realise that I didn’t need to rely on external validation this time around...Thanks so much for helping to empower me to have the best birth that I could have hoped for."





Doctor's Hill Road
New Zealand

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